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Venus Retrograde in Scorpio – Hope Springs Eternal

authenticsignThere is something quite meaningful and symbolic in the fact that we both enter, and also exit, this world alone. Although this may be seemingly disconcerting to some, it is also a liberating metaphor of the highest order. Individually, we each have unique lessons to learn, transformations to go through and karma to resolve. And, although our karma may lead us into interactions with others, the deepest relationship is between the individual and the soul, the soul and the cosmos. There are certain roads that we simply must tread alone, otherwise, we never stand the opportunity to evolve.

Throughout life, we undergo change after change. Yet, there is something, at the essence, which remains deathless, eternal. It is both the sprout in the wind, bending, never breaking, and growing strong from the gusts of change; and the rock in the stream, the waters washing over it, yet solid and steadfast. Yet, seldom do some revel in their individuality. Instead, they cower in fear of the encounter with this aspect of their nature and hide from their birthright.

Venus, at 8:05 am GMT on 8th October, 2010, stations before shifting to retrograde motion for the next several weeks until the 18th November. This astrological occurrence coincides with other aspects, profound in meaning.

Venus alters its motion in the tropical sign of Scorpio and the lunar mansion of Swati. In undergoing transformation, we are often confronted with that which many are most afraid of, our own mortality. Every change, no matter how subtle, subconsciously reminds us of this inevitable change. Nature alerts us to the wonder of this process through the majesty of autumn, yet we ignore this reminder and instead fear transformation rather than embrace it. With each change, each moment of growth we become ever  more liberated, just like the leaf blowing free from the tree.

Jupiter, currently transiting the sign of Pisces and the lunar mansion of Purva Bhadrapada, forms a harmonious aspect with Neptune, currently in Aquarius and the lunar mansion of Dhanishtha, that becomes exact also on this day. This aspect serves to remind us that the fact that we are each here, on one level or another, to march to the beat of our own drum, can be inspiring and not intimidating. We each are here for a purpose. Regardless of how small it may seem to our ego concerned minds, in the greater scheme of things, it is quite precious. Seen in this scope, each moment is meaningful.

Mercury, currently in Libra and the lunar mansion of Hasta, conjuncts Saturn briefly on the heels of Venus’ station. The cosmic balance hangs on each moment. Often times, we are faced with what seems to be a hurdle. In that moment, although seemingly obstructive, we are actually being presented with the highest opportunity for creativity. Hasta is the giver of life and the harbinger of manifestation. The difference between materially oriented understanding and spiritual awareness creates the depth of illusion. But, on the level of consciousness, this drama, in itself, is designed to be appreciated and not held in contempt.

In order for that which is light, by nature, to exist, there must also be, in the balance, that which seems dark and discouraging. The astrological environment which currently presents itself is there to remind us of the hope that lies in the soul eternal. This process is engaged to strengthen faith, not weaken it. To the extent that we can find freedom in the independence of individuality is the level to which we can benefit from the celestial occurrences at hand.

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