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Venus Opposes Saturn March 2012 – Clinging to the Golden Fleece

Old Friend

‘Like the forest fight for sunlight
That takes root in every tree,
They are pulled up by a magnet
Believing they’re free.

The carpet crawlers heed their callers.
You gotta get in to get out.’    (Genesis – ‘Carpet Crawlers’)

Sometimes, it is necessary to go headlong into a crisis before one can have a concept of what lies the other side. Fears must be confronted for the Heart to be purified and liberated of the darkness that was previously hindering its strength. When lost in illusion, sometimes a strong alarm is the only thing that can bring clarity. Humanity is reaching a breaking point. Something has to give in order for the way to be cleared. Healing cannot occur until the problem is faced. And, the situation has become so dire, with the depth of illness so profound, that the only way out is through. And, once the journey is begun, there is no turning back.

We have created a rod for our own back by seeking superficial freedom, security and success from the acquisition of the latest product guaranteed to make our lives more efficient and complete, only to later find that for some strange reason, we still feel empty. We equate prosperity solely with material gain. Abundance relates only to the amount of money in one’s wallet, and if yours is empty, then you must certainly be a failure. And ‘they’ want you to think that the only way to solve this problem is through the shiny new product of a panacea which the corporations wish to sell you. A little ‘snake medicine’ never hurt anyone you say? Think again. ‘They’ would even like you to believe that the way to sort the global economic pandemic is to continue along the same path of propping up the Black Magicians who created the whole mess in the first place; Banks, Politicians and CEO’s. A New Way can be had only at the collapse of the Old. The pressure is building.

On 3rd-4th March, several tense aspects between the Sun, retrograde Mars, retrograde Saturn and Venus reach exactitude, the message of which is clear. We can no longer pretend that there is nothing wrong and that things are just going to miraculously get better without some sort of initiative to start the process.

On 3rd March the Sun will first form an exact opposition with retrograde Mars, and then a few hours later an explosive aspect known as a sesquiquadrate with retrograde Saturn. The Sun is currently in watery and illusive Pisces. The final sign of the zodiac, Pisces marks the end of one cycle preceding the commencement of another. Within Pisces, the Sun is presently transiting the Lunar Mansion of Shatabhisha. This section of Pisces presents us with the fruit of our actions so that, in no uncertain terms, we have to confront it honestly in order to rectify that which, if allowed to continue, would eventually mean our demise.

As the Sun opposes retrograde Mars, which is in analytical and critical Virgo, the result is not meant to make one feel light and fluffy inside. Quite the opposite, the passion to take remedial action is in direct proportion to the immensity of the issue. Mars is passing through the Lunar Mansion of Purva Phalguni, elucidating the extent to which our potential for Creative Consciousness has been abused.

Saturn, to whom the Sun will be forming an explosive alignment, is in the sign of Justice and Balance, Libra. Although the result is intense by nature, the end justifies the means. Retrograde Saturn functions as a Cosmic Parent of sorts, bringing those who would misbehave into line. Saturn will be passing through the Lunar Mansion of Chitra, through which it can be learned that all the adornments in the world ain’t gonna dress an ugly mess up so that it looks pretty. Instead, the monster must be seen as it is and the appropriate steps taken to truly sort the problem. Once achieved, the same mistakes must never be repeated. True sustainability is needed to bring lasting contentment.

Venus is currently in tempestuous Aries, building upon the fervor of this sign but bearing the gifts of refinement and creativity. On 4th March, Venus will first form a sesquiquadrate with Mars, then an opposition with Saturn. As Venus occupies the Lunar Mansion of Ashwini, the impulse for swift action is generated. And, indubitably, one must act while the iron is hot. But, Venus in this placement brings to certainty the fact that no sticking plaster is going to heal the wound and no shortcuts can be taken. Better to act with the resolve to see things through to completion. The combined energy of these two aspects to Venus bear the message that Humanity is faced with an illness that is spiritual in its nature and cannot be sorted through short-term material solutions. A lasting cure is necessary and can only be had through a massive shift in Consciousness. And, this is no quick course.

With such dense fog having previously clouded our Vision, the torch flames must flare with ferocity for the way to be cleared. The destination is well worth the journey, no matter how arduous. We can no longer hide from the Darkness.

But fortunately, neither can the Darkness hide from us. You gotta get in to get out.

Authentic Man

The aspects between the Sun, Mars, Venus and Saturn ignite the spark which builds to the Grand Earth Trine becoming exact Mid-March. To understand the impact of these intense alignments upon your Complete Personal Astrology, and the potential that they hold, please consider a Telephone Consultation.

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