Venus in Aries opposing Saturn in Libra – Tackling Spiritual Injustice

Authentic Astrology is in the midst of experiencing an act of human injustice and Christian hypocrisy, which we would like to share in order to highlight the effects which money and the desire for profit have upon human consciousness. Whilst being the ‘guests’ of a Benedictine monastery for the purposes of experiencing a ‘spiritual retreat’, undertaken on the basis of agreed Conscious Energy Exchange rather than Money Exchange, we have just been subjected to having our lives put at risk in order that profit can be made from ‘paying guests’ in the future, in the form of an Asphalt Kettle spewing out its poisonous deadly fumes into our ‘guest’ accommodation. This noisy, monstrous and potentially life threatening piece of industrial machinery is being used in the process of re-roofing the building where we are staying. We were not informed about the fact that the roof directly above our accommodation was going to be repaired during our ‘retreat’, which in itself speaks of utter disrespect for the privacy and comfort of one’s guests who are seeking peace within a spiritual environment. But this pales into insignificance besides the act of knowingly putting the lives of guests at risk from poisonous fumes, with an open admission from the person responsible that it was allowed because the value of human lives when not paying into the profits of the monastery was considered less than that of those doing so.

This admission was not astounding to us, in reality. Our anger is great because of lives knowingly being put at risk, but it doesn’t surprise us. When all is said and done, even those professing to be leading a life of Christian spirituality fail the tests of Christ’s teachings when it comes down to money. ‘Do unto others as you would have done to you’ is a teaching which many dogmatic Christians fail to live up to. In our case, it was only when we began to feel ill that we realised the danger we were in – we had never thought that our ‘hosts’ could have the intention of putting us in any danger in order to make a profit. We then took the matter into our own hands and called the Construction Company carrying out the work, who informed us that we should not have been allowed to remain in the accommodation we were in whilst the Asphalt kettle fumes were being expelled. When the Prioress and Finance Officer (yes, Monasteries have them too) of the Monastery were informed of our direct action, we were summarily and rudely told that we should not have taken matters into our own hands, presumably because they didn’t wish for anybody outside of the Monastery Establishment to be aware of their foolish, selfish and dangerous actions in order to have this work carried out. No apology for putting our lives at risk was proffered, nor for the upset from the noise of the works going on directly above our heads from early in the morning throughout the day.

Authentic Astrology would like to say that we sincerely hope that we would never treat any guest of ours in such a rude and life threatening manner for any reason, least of all for reasons of profit – and particularly not if we promoted ourselves as offering ‘Christian hospitality’. Jesus would not have been impressed, of that we’re quite certain. May Universal justice prevail.

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