Vedic Lunar Scopes: Revati 17th August, 2011 – The Cosmic Ledger

Those who are highly impoverished, over time lose their Dignity and Self-Esteem. The World around them judges by the contents of their wallet and their standard of living. Those with financial wealth run the risk of judging themselves as better than others due to their higher standard of living. Yet, in essence, there are none who are ‘high’ and none who are ‘low’. Robbed, or in rare cases, relieved of their arrogance, the wealthy are no better than the rest whom they trod upon in their quest for status. With the Wisdom of True Wealth, although challenged, the ‘poor’ can find a Strength of Dignity that cannot be detracted from. Pride comes before a fall, but those with humility receive the Universe’s bounty. A balance is being restored, and a Universal Debt repaid.

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