Vedic Lunar Scopes: Pushya 4th March, 2012 – The Feeble Foundation of Material Security

Authentic Man

The more tightly that we try to hang on to something, the more quickly it slips through our fingers. Material opulence is not the defining factor of security. It waxes and it wanes. Success bears no relation to the amount of letters that appear after your name (e.g. PhD, BA, BS). These achievements pale in comparison to knowing one’s own Heart and the experience of Self-Realisation. The more Humanity increases its quest for resources, the quicker they dwindle. Yet, their is an Inner Source into which we can tap that never runs dry. This is the foundation of strength which does not diminish and security which never wanes. The Grand Trine is now building in intensity, reaching its peak between 13th-15th March. To avail yourself of the potential of this intense alignment, please consider my in-depth ‘3 Questions Audio Report’ where you will find out about the impact of this intense aspect upon your Complete Personal Astrology, and much more. For more information, please click here. For further Astrological Insight, you can now follow me on Facebook.

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