Vedic Lunar Scopes: Moon in Mula – 22nd April, 2011

Mula – Dissolution, the root, Truth

Transformation cannot be averted. Subconsciously, we many times fear change as it is a form of Death. The Universe attempts to offer us gentle guidance in the proper direction. But, when its call is unheeded, it occasionally has to speak in a louder voice, jump up and down and wave a flag in our face in order for us to get the message.We have strayed far from our essence, prompted by a greed for attainment. Our ideas of success are complicated to the extent that we miss the smaller signals that contentment can come much easier than suspected. Nature nourishes each of us “naturally”. Yet when we strive for more than our fair share, there is not enough to go around. Panic should be eschewed in favour of Faith and Trust.

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