Vedic Lunar Scope: Anuradha 13th March, 2012 – The Shouting Soul

Authentic Man

Determination is like a dual-edged sword.  It can give us the tenacity to realise our goals. Yet, it can also be self-destructive. Sometimes we just don’t know when to let go. For success to be attained, we must become aware of the True Source of our Strength. To tap into its Infinite Potential, we must learn to be receptive and to listen. Which voice holds greater sway within? That of your ego? Or, that of your Soul? Here’s a hint to help you to discern the difference between the two. The Soul only speaks loudly when the ego covers its ears, shouting incessantly in a state of insecurity. Learn to trust your best friend so that you may truly prosper. We are now entering the three day period of exactitude of the Grand Earth Trine. Over the course of the 13th-15th March, all of the planets involved will subsequently become exact in angle. To avail yourself of the full potential of this rare and intense alignment, please consider either one of my In-depth Personalised Audio Reports based upon your Complete Astrology, or one of my Telephone Consultation packages. Through either of these mediums, you will find out about the impact of this profound aspect upon your Complete Personal Astrology.

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