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Vedic Lunar Scope: Vishakha 8th April, 2012 – Change of Scenery

Authentic Man

It is quite frustrating when we feel that we have completed one tableau of our life, but Destiny does not yet see fit to change the scenery. What needs to happen next seems obvious. We think that we know what we have just experienced, and understand karmically what it was that we were supposed to integrate from the recent lesson from the Universal School of Consciousness. Why then are we seemingly being held back? All has not, as of yet, played itself through to completion. An extra Final Exam may not be imminent, but there is more Wisdom to integrate. Pay attention, stop gazing out the window and you will pass with flying colours. My In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports help to provide Insight to cut through the haze of confusion and chaos. They are available in four options as a downloadable MP3 file. For more information, please click here.

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