Vedic Lunar Scope Video - Mrigasira 20th January, 2016

Vedic Lunar Scope Video – Mrigasira 20th January, 2016

We have been given this wonderful gift of sensory perception! What do I mean? We have the capacity for awareness and to use our sensory faculties in a manner that helps us to grow along the right path. Yet many times we abuse it, or disregard it. We use it instead for selfish aims rather than the purpose for which it was intended. Then we complain when we get into trouble as a result. You are acutely aware of where things went wrong previously. And you are certain of what you don’t want to do this time. So, you are very particular about your approach. But who is really in charge here? Try though you may to direct your will in the right manner, if something is not meant to be a certain way, then it simply won’t be. Today should you be willing to accept as much, then cooperation with the prevailing conditions can assist you in rising above a particular difficulty!


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