Vedic Lunar Scope: Uttara Phalguni 2nd May, 2012 – The Blame Game

Authentic Man

There is no one who can traverse our unique path to consciousness for us. We are each individually responsible for our own karma and for the steps which we either do, or do not take, in meeting destiny halfway. It often seems lonely to shoulder such a burden, but this is often due to an issue of self-relating. We must befriend our Soul, for it is our lifelong companion. Yet, many ignore its very existence. Though there may now be hardship, a reappraisal can provide necessary insight. Learn from your mistakes rather than playing the blame game. The current Grand Earth Trine is presently separating, yet another will soon be upon us as we approach Mid-May; this time involving Mercury, Mars and Pluto. This will precede a Solar Eclipse in Gemini later in the month. A profound opportunity awaits for the courageous. To understand the full impact of this intense Astrological Climate upon your Personal Astrology, I invite you to have a Telephone Consultation!

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