Vedic Lunar Scope: Uttara Phalguni 26th June, 2012 – Calm or Cacophony?

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

It is the mind which is the source of confusion. The heart knows truth in its depths. But, the chaotic mind can become excessively strong in its power of conviction persuading the rest of the faculties to follow its path of insanity. The right way can only be found when we see beyond the fear projected by the ego in its attempts to control and keep us enslaved. Hear the voice drowned beneath the cacophony today. Listen for the calling which now emanates from your Soul and align your actions accordingly. The way may not be simple. But, it is certain. Both Saturn and Venus are at a standstill as they form a sharp alignment. The emotional environment may feel intense. But, within the turmoil lies an profound opportunity for clarity. To make the most of the moment, please consider a Telephone Consultation.

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