Vedic Lunar Scope: Uttara Bhadrapada 2nd September, 2012 – The Final Gulf

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

Our evolutionary path, followed consciously and with awareness, guides us towards the final dissolution of the ego. We are faced with trial after trial. Our strength and integrity are tested. Often without any sense of knowing, we are called upon to trust in the one action we are taking and the ability of our decision to carry us towards success. Yet, often we are faced with more mountains to climb. Certainly we can wring our hands in frustration. Or, we can try to be grateful. Our will is being tested. For without fortitude, the final gulf  separating ignorance from awareness is difficult to traverse. The dark night of the soul requires a beacon  that will not be swallowed alive. Be thankful for your challenges. They are the fibre of your strength. You can play a vital part in sustaining all the work of Authentic Astrology by becoming an Authentic Subscriber, reaping your own profoundly positive benefits in the process. For more information, testimonials, and to subscribe, please Click Here. Together, we’re stronger. AM

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