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Vedic Lunar Scope: Swati 11th March, 2012 – Shapeshifting

Authentic Man

It is of no use to seek security in the tried and familiar when the time for change is nigh; for that which was once familiar must also transform, and likely to the extent that it is no longer ‘familiar’. What was once solid ground is now shifting sand, blowing and changing shape with the breeze. We too must bend, or break. We are being asked to define not only security in different terms, but also to look at everything in our lives in a new way. Where there is restlessness, could it be that there is also resistance? Let go and trust that it will be for the better. Therein you will find stability in its truest sense. As the Grand Earth Trine builds in intensity a sharp aspect is also applying between Mercury and Pluto.  To understand how to avail yourself of the full potential of this powerful Astrological Climate, please consider either one of my In-depth Personalised Audio Reports based upon your Complete Astrology, or one of my Telephone Consultation packages. Through either of these mediums, you will find out about the impact of both of these profound aspects upon your Complete Personal Astrology.

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