Vedic Lunar Scope: Sravana 8th June, 2012 – A Rare Moment

Authentic Man

When we reach those rare moments when we are free of self-judgement, prejudices and opinions, a very special thing happens. We become receptive. Our mind is stilled. We are able to listen to the Wisdom which the Universe has to offer to us. If that instant happens to stretch for longer than a millisecond, perhaps we will be fortunate enough to actually integrate that which is being presented to us. And if we are especially blessed, perhaps we will have presence of mind enough to actually learn something and perhaps even act upon the guidance available to us. Such a precious moment is now on offer to you. But you must be willing to accept it. We are entering a Summer of intense aspects during which much can, and will change more rapidly than we have the propensity to imagine. To understand the impact of this rare Celestial Moment, please consider either an In-Depth Personalised Audio Report or a Telephone Consultation.

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