Vedic Lunar Scope: Sravana 29th August, 2012 – The Sound That Shatters Illusion

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

‘Listening – the saints, priests, warriors and recluse.
Listening – the earth, its support and sky.
Listening – the oceans, lands of the world and the nether regions.
Listening – Death cannot even touch you.’ – Japji Sahib

The recognition and realisation of the Truth can be disconcerting to integrate. Yet, through its understanding we are strengthened. A human endowed with such wisdom cannot be stirred from their essence. Regardless of the circumstances with which they are faced, no matter the ups and downs of life’s tumultuous roller coaster ride, one thing for them is constant and never shifts. It is through listening that the soul is gained. It is through vigilance that the connection with it and the Universe is maintained. Astrology is the Language of the Universe spoken directly to the Soul. In order to foster a deeper understanding of the Universal Language, we are now offering a FREE 1 Hour Telephone Consultation with Authentic Man when you become a monthly recurring Authentic Subscriber! By becoming a Subscriber you will not only be forming part of the vital core foundation supporting all the work of Authentic Astrology, but you will also be gaining a weekly in-depth 15 minute personal astrological audiocast from me, in addition to a twice yearly 50% discount on a 1 hour Telephone Consultation to be used at your discretion. Please consider subscribing, thereby valuing and supporting our work in a mutually sustainable relationship. Together, we are stronger! For more information and to subscribe, plus receive your FREE Consultation as a huge thank you for supporting us, please Click Here.

You perform fine art; it should be hung in galleries all over the world.’ (Kia, London)

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