Vedic Lunar Scope: Sravana 1st August, 2012 – A Supper for the Soul

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

We do not like the sound of the Truth, for the voice of fantasy and delusion speaks in much sweeter and softer tones as it numbs us into a dulling sleep. But, the voice of Truth speaks with a thunder, a roar which threatens to dissolve any shred of superficiality or falsehood. Yet, in its acceptance, we begin to see the hideous guise which had previously beguiled our affections and led us astray to the tune of the siren’s song. An awakening in our heart is heard. And that which was previously difficult to digest becomes the most sumptuous delicacy. Dine with pleasure at a Supper for the Soul.

‘What would happen if the Universe leaned down and gave you a full wet kiss? Hafiz Doesn’t mind answering astronomical questions like that:
You would surely start reciting all day, inebriated, rogue-poems like this.’ – Hafiz

The meeting of two souls is a very sacred occasion. And, every relationship is unique. I am now offering Relationship Consultations, over the phone or in person in the Seattle area. Relationship Consultations can show the strengths which two individuals can have as a couple and the areas that may require work in order to keep your relationship sailing smoothly through all of life’s storms. I do not believe that challenges in a relationship chart mean that two individuals should not be together, or cannot remain together. Instead, difficulties are meant to be faced with awareness. Relationship trials offer the most profound opportunity for the deepening of Self-Awareness. In addition to a Compatibility Consultation, I can also offer a Composite Consultation. This is a combination of each individual’s chart into one, showing your relationship as a soul unto itself. For more information, please call (503) 388-9131. Or, email authenticastrology@gmail.com.

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