Vedic Lunar Scope: Sravana 11th May, 2012 – Listen for the Truth

Authentic Man

Listen! Listen for the Truth. It speaks to your ears but your mind shuts out its voice thinking it some unwelcome intruder. It appears before you in every waking moment, but your eyes are closed to its presence. It murmurs to your heart, but your heart remains unmoved. Yet, your Soul knows its voice clearly. Sadly, both your Soul and the Truth have become strangers to your Mind and Heart. Accept them as desired friends. Intense astrology approaches as we reach mid-May. The third Grand Earth Trine in as many months becomes exact between Mercury, Mars and Pluto. This is followed by an explosive aspect between Jupiter and Pluto, which in turn precedes a Solar Eclipse in Gemini. To understand the full impact of this paradigm shifting Astrological Climate, I invite you to have a Telephone Consultation.

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