Vedic Lunar Scope: Solar Eclipse in Krittika 20th May, 2012 – A Dream Within a Dream

Authentic Man

It is only when we are fully awake that we truly realise how deep our slumber has been. Dependent upon the intensity of our alarm, we either arise with a jolt not fully understanding where we are or even where we have been, or we come to awareness gradually and in harmony with our surroundings. Is this world real, or merely a manifestation of some other state of somnolence which still entrances us? Are we dreaming a dream, within a dream, within a dream ad infinitum? How real are our nightmares? Are they simply fed by our fears? Once we pull the plug on their source of nourishment, do they dissipate? A prime opportunity is now available to you. It is limited only by your willingness to drop the delusion which has been hanging around your neck like a lead weight. Awaken and let it go. The Solar Eclipse becomes exact tonight at 12:47 am GMT in the sign of Gemini. The Eclipse Portal is now open and the time for profound transformation is nigh. Between now and the Lunar Eclipse on 4th June is a rare and special time. To make the most of it, I invite you to have a Telephone Consultation.

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