Vedic Lunar Scope: Shatabhisha 13th May, 2012 – Perverse Devotion

Authentic Man

Fears can delude us, clouding our judgement. In such states, they become almost a perverse devotion. We see nothing beyond them. We are obsessed. Even the nature of our own soul becomes occluded to us. Our heart becomes hazy and burdened. But, if we step back for perspective, we begin to understand our concerns and worries from a very different angle. Often we are able to take the one action that will prevent our fears from becoming a reality. But, what is most important is being true to our soul. Do that, and you will be doing the right thing, regardless of the outcome. Intensifying astrology is adding a degree of uncertainty to the energetic atmosphere. The third Grand Earth Trine in just as many months becomes exact over the next few days, followed by an explosive aspect between Jupiter and Pluto. Then there will be a Solar Eclipse in Gemini later in the month. Decisions must be made. Understand how to do so wisely through having a Telephone Consultation.

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