Vedic Lunar Scope: Rohini 28th March, 2012 – Riding the Storm

Authentic Man

The thunder roars, the lightning shocks. But, the rain quenches the ground. Seeds are nourished, grow and blossom from the process. Certainly, some are washed away, damaged, never to sprout. But, such is the way of Nature. Others are swept to ground that is more fertile, where they may take root and thrive. Such is the way with our own evolution. When we are willing to accept the way of things, then ultimately, we can only benefit from whatever comes our way. Try to see a disconcerting process from a space of perspective. As the Sun’s tense aspect with Pluto deepens, another sharp alignment is being formed between Venus and Pluto. To understand the impact the profound Astrological Climate will have upon your Complete Astrology, please consider one of my In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports. By ordering now, you can follow up with a One Hour Telephone Consultation at a 33% discount. For further information, or to avail yourself of this opportunity, please email me at authenticastrology@gmail.com.

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