Vedic Lunar Scope: Rohini 17th June, 2012 – The Seed of Future Dreams

Authentic Man

Today, the seeds of your future are being sown. They may sprout and blossom in the months to come, or perhaps not. Presently, your mind needn’t become overly concerned with that. You currently have simply a seed. It needs nourishment and your full attention. Diverting your focus to some unforeseeable moment creates a distraction from the task at hand. Something new and wondrous is now possible. But, for the harvest to be bountiful, a radically different approach is now necessary. Two tense aspects, one between Pluto and Uranus and the other between Jupiter and Neptune , coincide with Saturn stationing direct. The Universe wants us to truly pay attention to this meaningful moment. A profound transformation is upon us. Understand the impact upon your Personal Astrology through a Telephone Consultation.

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