Vedic Lunar Scope: Revati 3rd September, 2012 – The Zenith

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

When the Sun has reached its zenith, it can rise no higher, and therefore must begin its descent. Eventually it sets, leaving us with the night, wondrous and enigmatic. We never know whether the day will come again. We can only have faith. To try to cling to the previous day will find us always living in the past. When the Universe wishes for us to evolve, it is futile to exert our ego and avoid its desires. Ultimately, as Children of the Cosmos, we are fighting only ourselves. If you let go now, chances are that you will not freefall to oblivion, but instead be supported with newly found wings. Trust in the moment, for it is what you have, eternally.

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You perform fine art; it should be hung in galleries all over the world.’ (Kia, London)

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