Vedic Lunar Scope: Revati 25th February, 2012 – Destiny’s Hand

Authentic Man

Externally, we can control neither Time nor Space. Internally, it is at times difficult to even exercise self-control. But, what we can do is to set firm intent to practise awareness by bearing witness to that which we are feeling, whilst cultivating detachment. Hopefully through doing so, a potential crisis can be solved from its source. All the impatience and frustration in the world can do nothing to speed up a perplexing process. You cannot force Destiny’s Hand. Trust that all is as it should be, and try to be patient.

Beginning 2nd March, we will be under the influence of a powerful aspect known as a Grand Trine that becomes exact in the middle of March. I have just recorded an Audiocast on this Potent Celestial Event. You can listen to it for free by clicking  here.

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