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Vedic Lunar Scope: Revati 1st January, 2012 – Fragrant Blossoms

Garden at Auvers - Vincent Van Gogh

The Art of Self-Empathy is lost beneath the labels of Self-Indulgent and Selfish. Whilst these words may derive from the mouths of others, they are only taken to Heart by …. Self. When passions run high, judgement can be clouded. Boundaries are erased and the accusations can fly. But this same ardour can be utilised for the Deepening of Awareness. In tending One’s own garden, growth is attained, and eventual Fragrant Blossoms. Nourishment of the Soul begins with Reflection. When the Energy intensifies face the Dark Night of Transformation with blazing Courage and Faith derived from True Self-Knowledge and Worth.

Treat the Soul with Tender Care. Acknowledge its fullness through a Telephone Consultation with Authentic Man.

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