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Vedic Lunar Scope: Revati 19th April, 2012 – Soft Shell

Authentic Man

There are some situations in which we should not struggle. Resistance to a necessary change can result in an exhaustion of energy, attaining exactly the opposite of that which we have been trying to achieve by keeping our barriers intact. It is best in such situations to remain pliable. A hard shell often shatters when cracked, splintering and damaging the soft matter inside. When a storm approaches, if we cooperate, its force can foster growth rather than obliterate. And that which it does destroy needs to perish. We are once again building to a Grand Earth Trine, which begins to apply 22nd March. Although not quite as sharp as last month’s major aspect, it is nonetheless potent. Matters that arose with last month’s Grand Trine now have the opportunity to reach culmination. To understand the impact of this powerful alignment upon your Personal Astrology, I invite you to have a Telephone Consultation.

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