Vedic Lunar Scope: Pushya 28th April, 2012 – An Affront

Authentic Man

We may know who we are and even have an inkling of understanding of our purpose but, without a sense of security, it becomes difficult to fulfill our goal. Pride encompasses not only the concept of egocentricity but also that of low self-esteem. To refuse to acknowledge the strength at the core of our being and to deny our innate gifts is humility taken to the extreme. It is an affront to the Universe, and to live in that state can only bring constant turmoil. Self-acceptance paves the path to prosperity. Although the Grand Earth Trine is separating, its influence is still prominent. In addition, a Solar Eclipse is soon to follow on its heels in late May. Avail yourself of the full potential of this profound Astrological Climate with a Telephone Consultation!

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