Vedic Lunar Scope: Pushya 25th May, 2012 – Gathering Water

Authentic Man

Sacrifice brings wisdom. There is an old saying, “You can’t gather water with closed fists.” Your grip on something now needs to  be released in order to remain in the flow of prosperity. In order to be true to your ethics, there is something else of great value to which you must give the freedom of leaving your life. It is of no use to continue struggling onwards in the same old manner. It simply won’t work. The time for such behaviour has closed as you have now progressed beyond it. Go beyond your fear and you will find liberation. Eclipse periods bring a profound shift, sometimes not recognised until months down the line. Yet, the groundwork is now being done. To understand the meaning of the moment in a more lucid manner, I invite you to have either an In-Depth Personalised Audio Report or a Telephone Consultation.

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