Vedic Lunar Scope: Pushya 15th August, 2012 – Potential and Purpose

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

A tension has recently been building. Yet, it has lacked  purpose or direction. Often we are dissatisfied with matters, but uncertain of how to proceed in order to resolve the crisis. We can take action. But without confidence of our objective, we are merely grasping at straws until the proper moment comes. It is at these times that we have an opportunity of more deeply understanding the intricate interaction between destiny and free will. Potential can now begin to realise its actualisation. And inertia  may soon be overcome. Every new subscriber to our monthly recurring Authentic Subscribers’ Service will currently receive a FREE 1 Hour Telephone Consultation with Authentic Man. Our Monthly Subscriber Service comprises a 15 Minute Personal Audio Report provided every week based upon your COMPLETE Personal Astrology, NOT just your Sun Sign, with the initial report provided within 48 hours of your Subscription; plus, an additional twice yearly 50% discount on our 1 Hour Telephone Consultation price. For more information, or to subscribe, please Click Here. Together, we are stronger.

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