Vedic Lunar Scope: Purva Phalguni 7th March, 2012 – The Illumination

Authentic Man

The Ego only thinks it is in control. When it is relied upon to run the show, the end result can only be tragedy and a down fall. It allows passions to run rampant, each to their own end, and to our demise. The Soul, however, knows how to harness these energies and direct them towards success. Any creative endeavour must be in partnership with our Heart and Soul in order for it to flourish, for they are aligned to the Wellsource of Creative Potential. Excitement mustn’t be confused with inspiration, and neither should fear. Understand the foundation of your feelings and be guided by illumination. As the Grand Earth Trine intensifies, the pace of each of our lives is also building to match the immensity of the approaching shift. To find out how to avail yourself of the full potential of this powerful alignment, please consider either one of my In-depth Personalised Audio Reports based upon your Complete Astrology, or one of my Telephone Consultation packages. Through either of these mediums, you will find out about the impact of this intense and transformational aspect upon your Complete Personal Astrology.

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