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Vedic Lunar Scope: Purva Phalguni 4th March, 2012 – The Purifying Fire

Authentic Man

For those with Conscious Awareness, conflict can be seen as an opportunity. It presents a challenge to our philosophies and strongly founded beliefs. Either they are strengthened in resolve if they continue to vibrate with the Truth at the essence of our Soul, or we recognise them to be ill-founded and out of alignment with that same essence. Partnerships, of any type, that have honesty and mutual respect as their basis will stand the test of time. Face any potential argument or disagreement with humility and understanding. My In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports foster the development of Higher Awareness. Available in four options as a downloadable MP3 file, they are based upon your Complete Astrology, not just your Sun Sign. For more information, please click here.

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