Vedic Lunar Scope: Purva Phalguni 22nd July, 2012 – Denying Fulfillment

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

In a state of purity, each Soul enters this realm with a mission to discharge. We are given the tools of our senses and awareness with which to fulfill this goal. Life is meant to have meaning. Yet, somewhere along the way the danger arises of degrading the sanctity of our existence. With such opportunity, why do we choose to abuse life by turning it into a pursuit of acquisition the desire for which can never be fully satiated? A deeper sense of prosperity is constantly available to us. Deny it no longer. It is only your own ego which turns abundance away from your door. For only the price of a latte or two per week, you can benefit from the wisdom and clarity to be gained from a weekly 15 minute personal astrology audiocast based upon your complete astrology, personally prepared and delivered by me. Plus, you can have the opportunity to partake of a twice yearly 50% reduction on a 1 hour telephone consultation price to be used at your discretion. How? By becoming an Authentic Astrology Monthly Subscriber. Not only will you be availing yourself of the aforementioned services; but, you will also be helping to support and sustain the continuation of all the work of Authentic Astrology – the Language of the Universe. For more information, and to subscribe, please click here. I look forward to working with you!

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