Vedic Lunar Scope: Purva Phalguni 1st May, 2012 – Breathe In and Out

Authentic Man

We do not always pursue that which is best for us. Instead, we seek that which we think will make us feel good. But, the nature of that which we pursue is often temporal. It is here one moment and gone the next, leaving us empty with a desire for satisfaction that can never be fully satiated. Yet, that which is beneficial for the Soul is food also for the mind and heart. The good things in life are meant to be enjoyed. But, attachment to them leads only to eventual disappointment. Just as we take in breath one moment and release it the next, so do some things enter our lives whilst others leave it. Celebrate each moment, but be willing to exhale so that you may welcome in the next breath to come. The present Grand Earth Trine is in the process of separating, but next month will bring the third in just as many months, this time between Mercury, Mars and Pluto. This will precede a Solar Eclipse in Gemini on 21st May. The potential is massive! To avail yourself fully of the profound Astrological Climate which currently prevails, I invite you to have a Telephone Consultation!

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