Vedic Lunar Scope: Purva Bhadrapada 22nd February, 2012 – Truth and Consequence

Authentic Man

All actions bear consequences. In acting hastily, the resultant impact is often not taken into account. It is not just our own lives that are affected, but also those of others. A panicked mind only thinks in restricted terms. It is imprisoned, its sole focus survival. A Liberated Consciousness sees beyond ‘self’ in ever-expanding measures. As pressure on the planet increases, more of humanity begins to feel the burden. Selfish thinking created the mess we are facing. And if it continues, the crisis will only deepen. The problem is not one of economics. It is a deep spiritual illness. A more Universal View must be adopted. The problem must be healed at the Source, both on the collective and the personal levels. See beyond the limitations in which you have confined yourself, and act with consideration.

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