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Vedic Lunar Scope: Purva Bhadrapada 1st September, 2012 – Cosmic Ideation

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

‘There once was a note
Pure and easy
Playin’ so free, like a breath rippling by

The note is eternal
I hear it it sees me
Forever we blend
And forever we die’ – The Who

The Universe, in Cosmic Ideation, speaks to us in purity. We are lucky if we can hear its voice, and even luckier if its intonation shatters every fibre of our personality. It knows Oneness and the essence that we are meant to manifest within that Unity, with its  Divine Guidance. It plants the seed, and with vigilance we may birth its desire in latent potential unmanifest, bridging the gap between the material and spiritual. To the extent of your awareness, be the traveler of both worlds, walking the mystical path with practical feet. Something wondrous and rare is now occurring and you are a part of it. We are now offering a FREE month’s subscription to our Authentic Subscriber Service, when you avail yourself of a therapeutic and enlightening 1 Hour Telephone Consultation with Authentic Man. Our Monthly Subscriber Service comprises a 15 Minute Personal Audio Report provided every week based upon your COMPLETE Personal Astrology, NOT just your Sun Sign, with the initial report provided within 48 hours of your Subscription; plus, a twice yearly 50% discount on our 1 Hour Telephone Consultation price. For more information, please Click Here. Together, we are stronger.

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