Vedic Lunar Scope: Purva Bhadrapada 17th April, 2012 – Non-Conformity

Authentic Man

Opposition builds resolve. In addition, it hones our approach. We learn what won’t work and hopefully, over time, what will. We can choose to be like the rest of the crowd, and fit in to the mold made for us by those with a vested interest in control. Or, we can remain determined by remaining true not only to our dreams, but also to our sense of ethics. If you are faced with a seemingly impossible situation, now is not the time for surrender. Instead, it is a fine moment for perspective and perspicacity. We are approaching the onset of another Grand Earth Trine beginning 22nd April, involving the Sun, Mars and Pluto. Where fears exist and a challenge arises, there is also opportunity for the courageous few. To understand the impact of this powerful alignment of planets, I invite you to consider having a Telephone Consultation!

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