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Vedic Lunar Scope: Purva Bhadrapada 10th June, 2012 – A Radiant Message

Authentic Man

Humanity must find a way to move beyond its tendency towards self-centered thinking if we are to survive as a species. The narrow-minded focus that sees only the entity in the mirror must be eschewed in favour of a view that is more Universal. Every action that we take has an impact. Short-sighted thinking leads only to problems in the long run. For instance, nuclear power may make more sense economically. But, when Nature decides to teach us a lesson in the form of an earthquake and tsunami which causes our ignorance to wash into the oceans thereby polluting them with radioactivity, then we are dealing with an issue that spreads far beyond our own shores. When bluefin tuna off of the California coast are found to be contaminated with the very same radioactivity, it is a strong spiritual message that no one is an island. When a dock from the very same disaster washes ashore nearly 5,000 miles away, then what has happened across the globe lands in our own backyard. Try to see the bigger picture today. Don’t lose sight of the forest for the trees. As Pluto and Uranus near their exactitude of angle, issues which arose when their application began to apply over a year ago may be revisited. Understand the upon your Personal Astrology through a Telephone Consultation.

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