Vedic Lunar Scope: Purva Ashadha 6th June, 2012 – Timely Questions

Authentic Man

What is presently blocking you from attaining the prosperous life you deserve? One may just as well ask what it is that keeps you from realising and living from your Highest Potential. The answers to both of these questions are likely one and the same and hold the keys to any current dilemmas you may be facing. After two recent eclipses, and a rare transit of Venus in front of the Sun, the very fabric of life as we knew it is altering. The same old approach will no longer work. But, an opportunity for a radically new one is currently presenting itself. Look to the changes you are currently being asked to make. Therein lies your chance. The summer is filled with rare and intense astrology. Following a rare conjunction between Venus and the Sun in which we will be able to witness Venus’ shadow on our Solar System’s central luminary, we approach an intense aspect between Pluto and Uranus. We are all being asked to dig a bit deeper for an innovative solution. A Telephone Consultation can help you to find it.

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