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Vedic Lunar Scope: Purva Ashadha 16th March, 2012 – Beast of Burden

Authentic Man

It is detrimental to progress to still carry the burden of the past. All of our mistakes, shortcomings and yes, stubborness hang around our neck like a lead yoke as we are lead astray by the ego. That’s why occasionally, we must face our taskmaster with courage and free ourselves of the load which hinders us. Once we have shed the dead weight, we are liberated. With Self-Forgiveness, we can more deeply integrate the lesson learnt and with Wisdom, avoid its repetition. Astrological aspects initiate energy. The integration is an ongoing process. The Grand Earth Trine has reached its culmination, and we can now begin to more deeply process its impact. My Telephone Consultation packages can help you to more fully understand the potential which is now available to you from the onset of this massive alignment.

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