Vedic Lunar Scope: Punarvasu New Moon 18th July, 2012 – Leaving upon Returning

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

We are all, at one moment or another of our lives, subject to an annoying moment. We exit the door in order to begin our day’s journey, only to walk a few short paces before realising that we forgot something. So, we return once again. Then upon leaving, we remember another small detail that we must attend to before leaving. Inevitably, this cycle repeats itself a few more times making us wonder if we ever will, indeed, get anywhere. A larger scale version of just such a day is impacting each of our lives presently. But fret not, for you shall soon not only commence your journey, but also reach your destination. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Start yours off right by becoming an Authentic Subscriber. Our monthly Authentic Subscribers’ Service is comprised of a 15 Minute Personal Audio Report provided every week based upon your COMPLETE Personal Astrology, NOT just your Sun Sign, with the initial report provided within 48 hours of your Subscription; plus, a twice yearly 50% discount on our 1 Hour Telephone Consultation price to be used at your discretion. For more information, or to subscribe, please click here.

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