Vedic Lunar Scope: Punarvasu 31st March, 2012 – Holding Pattern

Authentic Man

Until or unless we are able to purify ourselves of past pain, then we continue in a holding pattern. When we are faced with circumstances similar to those which caused the initial trauma, we replay the scene missing the fact that we are in a different space and time. It is as if our sensitivities create an illusion, and we become entrapped within it. Instead of reliving our fears, we do however have the opportunity to rise above them and learn the lesson which we previously may have missed. In this moment, regardless of how the circumstances may seem, we are victorious. The seeds are planted, the Earth nourished and eventual blossoming is only a matter of Time. At those times when you feel stuck, one of my Telephone Consultation Packages can help you to find the leverage with which to shift the situation. My consultations provide personal interaction in a explorative manner with your Personal Astrology. For more information, please click here.

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