Vedic Lunar Scope: Mula 5th June, 2012 – The Roller Coaster

Authentic Man

Life is full of ups and downs. We ride the roller coaster, sometimes experiencing peaks, and at others times valleys. Just like the Moon, there is a waxing and waning, an ebb and a flow. But beyond all of this, there is a constant. Occasionally, we catch a glimpse of it, if we are lucky. And if we are truly fortunate, we are able to keep it within our sights. Progress now asks that where you may be able to see the Truth, that you make sure that your vision does not become obstructed. There is an air of intensity building in the air. But when we face a challenge and do not hide from it, we stand to benefit. As we head towards a tense aspect between Pluto and Uranus, a radical opportunity is available. To make the most of it, please consider either an In-Depth Personalised Audio Report or a Telephone Consultation.

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