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Vedic Lunar Scope: Mrigasira 22nd May, 2012 – Cure for the Human Virus

Authentic Man

Our desires, if not tempered with Awareness, can send us spiraling into a state of obsession. Sensuality without sensibility can lead to an overindulgence of that which is unhealthy for our well-being; whether it be food, a thought, an emotion or ignorance itself. Mass materialism and gross consumption have led to a scarcity of resources. Earth’s species are rapidly becoming extinct. Will we continue in our excess until all that is natural disappears? Luckily, this would not be allowed. Humanity would first cease to exist. The planet is a living organism. When it becomes sick, it heals itself of the illness. Need I say more? A new way must be found. We are between two eclipses as the Sun now edges closer to a sharp alignment with Neptune. A healing crisis is becoming more apparent. Find a soothing balm for the fever of delusion through a Telephone Consultation.

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