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Vedic Lunar Scope: Mrigasira 20th September, 2011 – Spiritual Revolution


As long as Humanity builds the Foundation of its Security upon Material Acquisition and Fulfillment, there can be no Contentment. Due to this Deceptive Delusion, the World has become a breeding place for Division and Conflict between the ‘Haves’ and ‘Have-Nots’, the Oppressor and the Oppressed, and the Dictator and the People. As we are awakening to a Spiritual Revolution, it is becoming increasingly clear that the Transformation necessary is not merely one of Economy, but also of Dignity.

The Basic Human Rights to Shelter, Food and Happiness are vital in ensuring the continuity of Individual Prosperity.  No one should be denied these Basic Necessities regardless of Income, Creed, Race or Religion. But, in addition to these Inherent Birthrights, respect for the Individual is also crucial. Now is the time for building a Foundation of Enrichment for All based upon respect for the Individual Soul, a time for Pursuit of Contentment from Within. From this Core comes the Radiant Beacon of True Prosperity, Peace and Justice.

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