Vedic Lunar Scope: Magha 28th May, 2012 – Chaotic Culprit

Authentic Man

When our energy gets scattered, it is a sure sign that something is out of balance. But when we are ruled by such hectic energy, it is no simple task to gain perspective. The culprit behind the scenes is a mind disconnected not only from the higher reasoning faculty but also intuition. It runs rampant, signaling our body to create more adrenalin. Before we can get a handle on it, we are no longer a Human Being. We have instead become a chemical reaction. If you can clear away the chatter, there is a calmer voice speaking a soothing balm. Listen for it. We are leading up to a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on 4th June. The personal challenges that we each face are to be met with perspicacity and wisdom. Both can be gained through a Telephone Consultation.

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