Vedic Lunar Scope: Magha 24th June 2012 – An Entitlement

Authentic Man (Michael Reed)

We have become so comfortable in our neurosis that we no longer recognise it as a malaise. Instead, we see it as a way of life, an inherent right, an entitlement. Would you eat your own arm, watching it disappear as you do? Tear up the floorboards of your home so that you could have a mobile phone? Spill toxic waste in your living room so that you can drive your car to work at a job which further destroys your security, rather than contributing to it? Why then do you continue with the insanity? A new way is possible. Imagination may be required, but this is one resource that is not gained through the plundering of the Earth. That, at the very least, is a step in the right direction. We are in the midst of an intense Astrological Climate as Pluto’s tense aspect with Uranus becomes exact today. Jupiter will sharply align with Neptune tomorrow as Saturn stations direct. Certainly, there is a sense of pressure and stress. But, opportunity awaits. To understand the impact of this profound Celestial Climate upon your Personal Astrology, I invite you to have a Telephone Consultation.

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