Vedic Lunar Scope: Magha 1st August, 2011 – Imagine

Imagine no possessions.
I wonder if you can.
No need for greed or hunger,
A brotherhood of man.
Imagine all the people,
Sharing all the world.’ – John Lennon

For countless centuries, the World has rotated to the concept of Economy, Entitlement and Destitution. Now as the playing field levels, with many nations finding themselves in a state of financial collapse, with politicians clueless about what to do with it all, is an opportunity for those in the know to arise and suggest a New Way. Are we wise enough to let go of the familiar, which will only drag us down like a sinking ship? Or will we cling to the Gods of Materialism with our Drowning Breath? The Opportunity is alive, perhaps now more than ever, to establish a society founded on Greater Wealth. Will you be one of the Brave Few to step courageously forward?

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