Vedic Lunar Scope: Krittika 26th March, 2012 – Burning Desire

Authentic Man

Truth is a tumultuous storm raining lightning, raging fire and brimstone flushing out the darkness and destroying both illusion and delusion. We obstruct it at our own peril. When we knowingly avoid it, it finds us out. Love is its essence. But, the type of love that it bestows upon us is unfamiliar to most. Pride is its enemy. It vanquishes the arrogant, laying bare and vulnerable their very souls. Yet, at the moment that we welcome its embrace, no matter how uncomfortable it may initially seem, we are venerated and exalted. Make Truth the burning desire of both your mind and heart. Revel in its glory, and you shall not be brought down in its wake. A week of revelation is upon us as we approach a tense aspect between the Sun and Pluto. To understand the impact this alignment will have upon your Complete Astrology, please consider one of my In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports. By ordering now, you can follow up with a One Hour Telephone Consultation at a 33% discount. For further information, or to avail yourself of this opportunity, please email me at authenticastrology@gmail.com.

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