Vedic Lunar Scope: Krittika 16th June, 2012 – A Supreme Opportunity

Authentic Man

The world is changing, rapidly. Humanity is being offered a supreme opportunity to evolve. The alternative is untenable. We burden not only ourselves but also our fellow humans, Earth’s other inhabitants and the planet itself by not relinquishing our avaricious mass consumption. Somewhere in your life today an impulsive desire may arise. To act without consideration would be both ignorant and selfish. Consider your motives and whether or not the impact of your actions will be positive, or negative.
If pressure is presently building in your life, try to understand what changes you are being asked to make. Where have you taken something for granted? Where are your concerns holding you back? The intensifying Pluto-Uranus square is raising these questions, and many more. To more completely understand the influence this massive aspect is having upon your Personal Astrology, please consider a Telephone Consultation.

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