Vedic Lunar Scope: Jyeshtha 14th March, 2012 – The Panicked Mind

Authentic Man

The mind that panics is reckless. But, the discerning mind is truthful. Quite often, in the midst of chaos, there can be a moment of stillness. But, only if we allow its presence. When we become entranced by obsession, it is difficult to break the spell. Yet, with practice, awareness of the insanity can be cultivated. Over time, we can begin to catch ourselves in the pattern and break it before it does further damage. Where there may now be a sense of danger, the voice of insight offers an alternative. To understand it, welcome truth with humility. Doing so can give you the strength to rise above. The Grand Earth Trine is now reaching its peak, offering a valuable lesson to each and every one of us. To hear, and understand the personal message that it has for you, please consider one of my Telephone Consultation packages. Through this medium, you will find out about the impact of this profound aspect upon your Complete Personal Astrology.

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