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Vedic Lunar Scope: Hasta 5th April, 2012 – Vulnerability and Vigilance

Authentic Man

When we feel emotionally fragile, we attempt to safeguard our sense of security through exerting control. But, in vulnerability lies power. Our egos keep us separated from that which our Soul knows, our inherent purpose on the planet. But, when we are faced with our own mortality, the ego perishes. Although disconcerting initially, this is a highly constructive occurrence. Yet, we need not wait for a cosmic slap in the face to surrender incessant intellectual and emotional prattle to the Wisdom of the Soul. With awareness and strength of spirit, we can do so in each moment. Maintain vigilance. Would you like to understand more about the impact that the major planetary alignments of 2012 will have upon your Complete Astrology? My 6 Month Transit Report can provide you with this information. Available as a downloadable MP3 file, it is one of the many options available on the In-Depth Personalised Audio Reports Page.

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